Thursday, April 24, 2008


Last Saturday I had a sort of double celebration at the gym. My birthday was the next day (when the gym is closed)...and my wedding is coming up pretty quickly so it was also a kind of bachelor's party.

I wouldn't say I'm really a match for Steve Martin or Dan Aykroyd in the "wild and crazy guy" department, as I much prefer a nice, quiet evening of good, old-fashioned, brotherly violence with a room full of sweaty men, to say, a wallet-draining night out on the town that everybody and his uncle vows to never forget, but will all the same.

So it was with much joy that I made my way to a Bert-requested, Vince-approved KDT birthday-stag party: 6 hours of boxing and BJJ fun with isotonic sports drinks sponsored by yours truly!

I showed up at noon and spent about an hour on my own, just doing a light warmup, scribbling in my training notebook and doing a spot of reading. It was really cool just to have the place all to myself, I wish everyday could be like that...and as it so happens, it will in a few months!

Mike was the first to show up and we did some no-gi training for about another hour before more guys started to show up. I had a few marathon rolls with Rizan, Sam and Wee Li and then did a spot of boxing to finish off.

It was so much fun and just goes to show that the best part of any gym is the people who make it what it is. Usually Saturday open mats are over much too quickly for my tastes and it just leaves me wanting more (true, sometimes I just show up late). Today, though, it was a thoroughly excellent session with an awesome bunch of guys.

Times like this, I really recognise how lucky I am to have found this gym and I'm especially grateful to have been accepted as a part of this family. I'm really going to miss days like this when I move and start my own place, but hopefully I'll be able to make some more of these memories happen, somewhere down the road.

Or maybe I'll just close up shop for the day, hop on a plane and pop by KDT, who knows!

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