Monday, February 16, 2009


The "Give Hope, Go Bald" event was a lot of fun! Over a hundred people stepped up to get their heads shaved in support of children with cancer, and their families. The SCCS had set a target of RM200,000 and by the end of the day I believe they had exceeded that by a tidy sum, towards which Studio 23 managed a contribution of RM5,000.

Thanks to everyone who donated! Much respect also goes to everyone who got the haircut, especially the few women who went for it (Way to go Georgette!).

Plenty of hair to spare.

...Not so much now.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


2 years ago during the CMD Trainers' Retreat in Singapore, Rodney King brought up a point that has stuck with me ever since. I think about it every now and then, and I find this has been one of those exercises in articulation which has really helped me to refocus myself when I need it.

To paraphrase:

If our actions are the outward manifestations of our internal mental and emotional states of being, how do we reconcile that with the fact that functional, honest training in the martial arts invariably involves the domination of other people?

For me, anyway, the answer is always the same, and it's pretty straightforward. I won't post it, though. Get your own.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Edit for updated information.

So anyway, I'm getting my head shaved this Sunday, 15th February, to benefit the Sarawak Children's Cancer Society. They are holding an event named "Give Hope, Go Bald" at the Spring shopping centre, and I'll be among several people having their locks shorn in the name of children fighting cancer.

We are also collecting donations for this. Cancer in children is highly curable, and usually the only problem is a lack of funding. So please, give generously.

If you would like to donate, email me at (there is no .com) with your name, IC number (if Malaysian) and the amount you would like to pledge.

You can deposit the cash into Public Bank, account # 3151803723 (Account name: Studio Twenty Three) - or, you can write a cheque (if you do, please just make it out to SARAWAK CHILDREN'S CANCER SOCIETY).

All of the money you pledge will go directly to the SCCS. You don't have to be in Kuching, or even in Malaysia to donate. If you want to donate and you aren't in Malaysia, please visit

Cheers all.
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