Sunday, September 7, 2008


Some pictures from the competition (only a few were usable):

Match 1

Here I am, about 2 seconds from being pulled back to his guard.

Here I am, about 1 second from being pulled back to his guard.

Here's me thinking, "He's not letting go, why won't he let go?"


Match 2

He couldn't get the hook sweep but it still counted as an advantage.

Here's something I forgot about: at one point I had side-back control on him, and I got his lapel under his chin. My choices were to either try and take his back or to attempt a choke. I went for the choke but he escaped.


Match 3

He shot and I sprawled. We were here for a good while. The ref never cautioned us for lack of action but he did look at his watch a few times.

Here I am going for an ezequiel, again. It felt like we spent almost half the match like this.

Finally, here's me with Yu, after the medal presentations. He was cool to me and I got a great impression of him. I hope to be able to roll with him again, even though it was a competition it was really fun!

Thanks again to the organisers of the competition, especially Albert Tan and one other guy (sorry man, I realise I never got your name, I think you were wearing the baseball cap). It was their second competition and considering the region we're in, I thought it was an encouraging turnout. I'm looking forward to the next competiton in Singapore.


Rizan said...

fantastic pics bert! beautiful! really admire your competitive spirit..keep on rolling!

Albert said...

Hey Riz, Cheers :)

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