Sunday, March 15, 2009


In reviewing my competition plans for the year, I've hit on some stumbling blocks. Firstly, there are the (perhaps rather obvious) problems with wanting to go to both America and Australia for competition. Leaving aside the fact of the entire world's economic slowdown, it's just not very responsible to close up shop in both June and September. Which means I'd need to choose one over the other.

If you asked me 2 years ago, the Mundials would have been as much an option for me as, I don't know, winning the Tour de France 7 years running. Even suggesting I consider taking part would have been Spaceballs-level ludicrous. Now though, I think I may actually do quite well for myself. Plus, this year is - and I was more than a little shocked to find out - the only opportunity for me to compete in the Mundials and NOT. ALSO. BE. ELIGIBLE. FOR. THE. MASTERS.

So then, if I can manage to get a US visa, I'd have to forego attending this year's Machado Nationals. Which was not the funnest decision I ever had to make. I was really hoping to go for a bunch of reasons. In terms of atmosphere (and if I'm being totally honest, sentimental value), this competition is the best one I've ever taken part in. There's loads of really cool people there. Plus, I was actually kind of really looking forward to, you know, defending my title.

However, it's looking like I won't be able to take part in any competitions outside of South East Asia next year, and if I had to pick one, I'm not sure I would be able to live with a "what if?" this big. Not to mention, there's a slight conflict with the Thailand competition. They aren't on the same day, but Australia is set for the weekend right before Bangkok, and I'm not quite that crazy.

So now I'm thinking my (still very tentative) schedule looks like this:

May 2,3: Pan Asians, Manila, Philippines

June 4,5,6,7: Mundials, Long Beach, California, USA

September 19,20: Thailand BJJ Open

A lot more spread out than last year, so I'm wondering how this will pan out.


Also, I've just found out that Adam's just been given his black belt! Very cool stuff, and extremely well-deserved. Congratulations Adam!


burn666 said...

Hang on a mo... is it actually stated that if you go for the mundials you can't go for the machado nationals? Or am i reading that wrongly (and you're just complaining about your schedule)?


burn666 said...

Oh hey, was showing Jin your studio23 page and he's got a suggestion - for the news and events reverse the display order. Bit strange when it shows the latest event last. :)

Albert said...

Re: 1st - No it's not stated, but do you want to pay for my flight to either America or Australia? :p

Anyway, it's also a bit mad to have to wrestle in Australia one weekend and within 7 days fly to Thailand to compete again.

Re: 2nd - Yeah I know, that was an error. It's been fixed.

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