Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm withdrawing from the Bangkok Competition in September. I'm not injured, and I didn't give up competing - there's some stuff that has to take priority over this trip. That's just how it is.

Big ups and all the best to everyone who's still in. Especially to all my friends over there in Bangkok BJJ and also the Malaysian contingent. Stay safe, don't get hurt, and have fun!

And bringing some metal home with you would also be nice :)


Jeyel said...

What??! You're not competing? There's a huge bunch of competitors in your division this year. Oh well... Next year then. Maybe I join you lah...;-)

Albert said...

Yeah I know, it would be like the biggest comp in SEA for I don't know how long. Plus I wanted to see a whole bunch of people there. Blah. Ya lah, next year!

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