Thursday, March 13, 2008


Scott Baio, eat your heart out.

Seriously though, tonight I led my first BJJ class. I wasn't really expecting to, but Sam wasn't in town and Vince had a wisdom tooth removed so there I was.

I led the guys through a warmup based on some stuff I saw from Rigan Machado, then went into drills based around positional control. We only really had time to focus on the mount and side control before everyone started rolling, but it looked like everyone was into it.

I was trying a bit of a different format for the class, where I'd get them to drill and then after a couple of minutes I'd break, bring everyone in and do a little troubleshooting session where everyone got to listen in. Seemed to work pretty well, and I got everyone to try and apply the suggestions I made in the next round of drilling.

For me, it was really fun getting the chance to put on the coach's shoes for just a little bit and get a taste of what it's like. I hope the class was just as fun (or more) for the guys. It was all really inspiring to me - just like the recent MMA-based classes we've been doing, it was like rediscovering why this is so completely fun.

I'm playing around with things I'd like to try if I ever get asked to do this again, which I'm hoping for.

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