Monday, June 1, 2009


Long Beach is freezing, the 3-day forecast won't put the high above 21 degrees celcius. Nobody knows why. My hotel is pretty awesome though. So far that's my favourite thing about the trip: there's a really good competitor discount for a whole bunch of hotels in the area.

I just found out some pretty important details though:

1. The schedule, newly released, has me competing in my division on Thursday and not Friday as I was expecting. Not a tremendously huge deal but it did catch me a little off guard and means I have less time to do touristy stuff with my wife. The absolute is to be on Friday.

2. NO VIDEO CAMERAS ALLOWED ON FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. I'm NOT happy about this, as not only have they not given any indication that recording would be banned - I've JUST bought a HDD camera to record the black belt matches. GAH. Well, at least I'll get to have my division matches taped.

Edit: GAHHH!!!


burn666 said...

No cameras??? Aiyoooo... and after all the trouble you went through to get a new one. :'(

Is that only for competitors or can the general audience (i'm assuming there are stands?) use cameras?

Regardless - good luck man! ;)

Albert said...

Thanks Pat. Will see how it goes, I guess.

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