Monday, February 25, 2008


I've just found out that Adam Adshead (of Conceptual BJJ - link in the sidebar) will be involved in setting up a new BJJ gym in England.

I sincerely doubt that I get any kind of random traffic from that part of town, but I want to give the place a plug and wish him and his guys the best of luck.

Factory BJJ
Hulleys Gym (AstraZeneca)
Charter Way, Silk Rd Business Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 2NA

Check it out here. And I'll just add, I'm really digging the logo.



Adam Adshead said...

Hey Albert,

Thank you so much for the blog and link, it means a lot. The design of the logo is pretty simple but quite cool, but I designed it so I'm a little biased. :)

We're looking at making some tshirts and rash guards with the logo on which will be cool.

If you or Vince or any of your guys are ever in England you're all welcome to train with us free of charge.

Take care Albert and thanks again,

Albert said...

Cool! I'll be looking to take you up on that and do some shopping besides...a rashguard with that logo sounds good ;)

Safe training!

Adam Adshead said...

I mean it, just let us know if you're ever in the country.

As for products, we've got our first lot of t-shirts ordered but they're only a short limited amount. When we get a little more settled we'll definitely be ordering some more t-shirts and some rash guards and it would be great to have you rocking them in Malaysia! :)

I'll keep you posted.


Albert said...

Sweet! That sounds really good, I'd love to go visit that part of England. I'll definitely be looking to take you up on that.


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