Sunday, January 4, 2009


Oh yeah.

In the last few days I've officially become the owner of a gym. We had our launch on the 1st of January and there were, for me, a shocking number of people. My wife led some workshops and demonstrations for her dance classes, followed by BJJ and CMD demos by me (ably accompanied by my lovely assistant, Patrick). We finished off with a Fizfit class.

It was a lot of fun, made all the more special by the presence of friends from KL! Vince, Kate, Cliff and his wife were there, which was very cool. They even brought me a special "eyes, meet tears" kettlebell sporting a custom design by Daniel at KDT, pictures of which will definitely be posted if I can remember to.

Classes start tomorrow. It's a bit intimidating but I know I've been well trained and have a lot of support from a lot of good friends. I'm looking forward to seeing what God's got in store for me.

Studio 23
152, Lorong 8, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, 93150 Kuching


Aeric said...

Hi Al,

Congratulations on the opening of your gym!

Looks like 2009 will be a blast for all of us.

Albert said...

Hey Aeric, thanks man! Yup, here's to a good one!

Jeyel said...

Congrats, Bert!

Looking forward to your reports of your BJJ class!

Albert said...

Hey Janson! We had our first class yesterday, I think I'll wait till after open mats on Saturday and let it all sink in first. Cheers!

Charles Wong said...

Big Congrats Bro (& Coach)!

Finally you have beaten the 18 bronze men and left to temple to start your journey into the world of martial arts and "kong woo". ;)

Can't wait to visit you soon. Cheers!

Albert said...

Charles, I got no idea what it is you just said.

But thanks ;)

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