Monday, April 6, 2009


Start: March 30, 2009

Day 1 (Mar 30)
Made initial payment at bank for US visa application.

Day 2 (Mar 31)
Conditioning: Chelsea x10 sets. Wanted to go on but timing was bad – had to stop as clients started arriving for Fizfit session. Also had a large meal immediately before.
Initial goal to reach by May 1, 2009: 30 sets. Am not sure if that is pushing it a bit too far.
Set date and time for US visa interview. Flying to KL this Sunday for interview Monday morning.

Day 4 (Apr 2)
Conditioning: Chelsea x15 sets. Slightly burned out from recent workouts, towards the last few sets the chinups were very sloppy.

Day 7 (Apr 5)
Training: Went to Ivan’s Judo place. Trained standup and newaza with a bunch of the guys. Good thing I went today, as it’s Gary’s (their black belt instructor, nice guy) last Saturday there, he’s moving to Penang. Pity that, I was hoping to train with him more.
Flew to KL for the night.

Day 8 (Apr 6)
US visa interview. Went off without a hitch and I got it. Everyone was very nice to me, I didn't see any of the horror stories so many people told me about. A huge weight off my shoulders, now I can focus more on Manila and the Pan-Asians.

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