Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Day 9 (Apr 7)
Training: Played around with a new - to me, anyway - drill in BJJ…roll, full speed, until you get a dominant position, then consolidate and hold it (the guy in the poor position has to keep going and try to escape, thereby forcing the other guy to resume going all-out). 3-minute rounds. No submissions, just positional control. Lot of fun and a great workout besides. Not sure what to call this drill… “Full throttle”? “Gas-jitsu”? “Death Roll?” (this one is my personal favourite so far) Help?... I want to see if I can get this up to several rounds (ideally 6) @ 6 minutes each by May.

Day 11 (Apr 9)
Conditioning: Chelsea x18 sets. May have been OK after this, but made the mistake of gulping down a bottle of water right after, which killed me off for about 9 minutes (the approximate play time of Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself” and The Cure’s “The Lovecats”…so far, every time I’ve stopped my Chelsea sets, it was because I chose to do so in the interests of slowly building up. Which is encouraging in that I know I can push myself further). Bear crawls x2 laps (approx. 23m each), crab walks x2 laps, bear crawls x2 laps, running x20 laps, running x30 laps. Not as hard as I remember the workouts at KDT being, but I also don’t have anyone else here to push me along.

Later spent about 20 minutes working balance with a stability ball.

Day 15 (Apr 13)
My situation (see previous post) was not helped by the fact that I need glasses to see properly and haven’t worn contacts in years. So to put a contact in one eye when my other is a) damaged, b) already myopic, and c) covered by a patch – and then try and coach – proved to be extremely disconcerting and just generally not one of my more brilliant ideas. Fortunately classes were really fun nonetheless.

Day 16 (Apr 14)
Decided to bin the patch and already feeling better.

Conditioning: Chelsea x21 sets – I stopped voluntarily when I felt fatigue settling in. Quite happy with this progress, at this rate I’ll hit my target of 30 sets within 2 weeks.


burn666 said...

Just wondering but what exactly is a Chelsea?

Albert said...

Every minute on the minute, do 15 squats, 10 pushups, 5 chinups. When you're done, however much time you have left until the next set is your rest period.

I'm sure there's harder things to do but this has a lot of sentimental value for me ;p

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