Friday, May 8, 2009


Day 37 (May 5)
Training: First night back in BJJ class. Had a really good bunch of rolls, inspired both by stuff I saw at the competition and also by a few really good videos I’ve seen recently. Feeling a bit of fatigue though, so will probably take it easy for this week and then start picking it up again.

Day 38 (May 6)
Official results for the Pan Asians are up on BJJ Asia. I see that my studio is properly listed, which was nice (“Studio 23” is also a TV station in the Philippines so they weren’t sure how to announce my team, but on the results they were kind enough to include “Malaysia” in the team name so there would be less confusion).

Day 39 (May 7)
Weight check: 67.5 kilos without gi. It’s time for some fried chicken! Can’t be getting too skinny now (Slow news day).

Training: Had another good class. Messing about with all kinds of fun stuff now (Cobrinha guard, what?). Maybe I’m just more relaxed after the competition is all said and done, I’m not sure. Started my conditioning routine again today but am looking to ease into it.

Got home and found out that the competitor list for the Mundials is also out. So far there’s 9 guys in my division including me. Why, hello there, anxiety! Haven’t seen you in a few days, how you doing?

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burn666 said...

You'll do just fine lah! ;)

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